Immuno Research

Immuno Research

Immuno Research is a researching group located in Auckland City, New Zealand, provides accurate information into health ingredients which play an important role in Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine does conflict with western modern medicine (treatment of diseases only), it is established on the principles of western medicine, but involves well balanced treatment of the whole body not just the disease itself. Integrative medicine uses traditional therapies, vitamin, minerals and nutritional supplements from traditional Chinese medicine and EBM (Evidence Based Medicine).

In the 21st century we face changes of in the global environment (desertification caused by global warming, food crises caused by rapidly increasing populations) and the global aging problem. Our idea is to lengthen healthy life; consume well-balanced nutritional food; Continue to maintain curiosity and interest positively considering our future. To realize this goal, we will use our research effort to do our best to provide the knowledge.


  • Green Lipped Mussel Extract

  • IgG Whey Protein

  • Deep Sea Shark Liver Oil